WooCommerce Watermark Integration

Install our plugin

Download our plugin from here and upload it to your website or simply go to your Wordpress Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add new -> search for DynamicInk. Then click Install now and Activate the plugin.
Copy Your API key

Copy your API key in the account page
Paste API key in Your Store

Go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Intgrations -> Ebook API
Paste your API key hit save changes button.
Copy Your eBook ID

Go to your eBooks page and copy eBook ID.
Paste eBook ID to Your Product

Check both boxes Virtual, Downloadable.
Paste the eBook id to the correct ebook you're selling on your website.
Don't forget to click Update button when you finish update the product in WooCommerce.
If you don't want to watermark this ebook anymore just leave the Ebook id field blank.
If the product you're selling is not an ebook, leave this field blank.
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