Protect Your eBook with Dynamic Watermark

No more DRM that annoys your readers.
Watermark with your customer's email, Name, Order ID, etc.
Starting from less than $1 per ebook sold.

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A safe and easy way to sell ebooks online.

With our watermarking technology, you can safely publish ebooks in any of the standard formats, EPUB, MOBI, PDF and prevent piracy with a simple tool that is affordable for all authors.

Chapter 1
Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by
Protects PDF, EPUB and MOBI files.

Our watermarking technology lets you securely publish ebooks in any of the standard formats - PDF, EPUB and MOBI with a few clicks of a button.

No DRM that annoys readers.

If you've ever had someone purchase your book only to have it be interrupted by a message about Digital Rights Management, then you know how frustrating that can be for both reader and author alike! With Dynamic Ink, there are no popups or messages when reading your books—just pure enjoyment.

No DRM - The best way to protect ebooks.

Digital Rights Management is a method used by publishers and distributors to control how digital content can be used once it has been purchased by a customer. These restrictions are often applied to eBooks, which can make them less appealing for customers who want to use them in different ways, such as reading the ebook on multiple devices.

Digital Watermarks are invisible to the naked eye!

Our service is compatible on PC, Mac, iOS, Android phone or tablet with no hassle at all!. With our dynamic watermarking technology you can create a unique code consisting of any text that will be displayed while someone reads your ebook. We will also add multiple invisible watermarks to identify who is the owner of each ebook.

Guarantee your ebook sales.

If you plan on selling ebooks online or want to make sure they are well-protected before publishing them anywhere else this solution will guarantee an extra layer of protection against piracy and ensure that each purchase generates revenue for you instead of someone else!

Upload your e-book to our secure servers

We'll watermark it with a dynamic code that is personalized for each ebook, prevent customers sharing it with others.

Customize the watermark.

Add custom text, change colors or adjust text size to customize the appearance of your watermark. Custom text can be your customer's email, name, etc.

Customers buy an ebook from you.

Your customer will see the watermark on their purchase, which confirms authenticity of their purchase. Even if they try to remove their identification we still have multiple invisible watermarks in it.

You have peace of mind knowing that your customers won't share it on the dark web.

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